Good morning, from the whole team of whost we want to thank you for trusting us every day.


Our priority from day one is to give the best quality at the best price, we consider ourselves hard-working people and we learn more about this sector every day thanks to you, that is why we want to carry out maintenance work on our US2 infrastructure; During the 12th, 13th and 14th we will transfer all your servers (either VPS or GameServer) to our new US3 infrastructure due to failures that the Hard Drives of the US2 infrastructure are having. This US3 infrastructure is a totally new infrastructure and with the same resources as the previous one, so the price will not change. As soon as the US2 infrastructure is better, it will be put back to Production, more optimized and Organized. 



Is this transfer MANDATORY?

Yes, this transfer is totally mandatory because the machine will be decommissioned. This means that it will not be available for a while. Because the technicians must replace the hard drives, plus the files on it will be deleted due to replacement.


How will I be notified about the transfer and what day is my turn?

You will be notified by e-mail and by phone (You must request it by opening a ticket on our website if you want to be contacted by phone about the status of the transfer) in the case of being from Spain. 


  • 1 hour before: E-Mail
  • 15 mins before: E-Mail & Mobile Phone
  • At Start: E-Mail
  • At End: E-Mail


  • If there is any issue, you will get contact by:
  • E-Mail
  • Mobile Phone


"Thanks for reading this Announcement"
- El equipo de Whost.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

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